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At SoCo PestAway, located in Pueblo West, CO., we are southern Colorado's pest control specialist. If you're looking for information or some helpful tips on how to deal with common household pests, we can help. Are bugs bugging you? We have great tips for keeping pests at bay! Our professionals are friendly, efficient and always reliable. If you're looking for one-time service or a long-term plan, contact us.
If insects or other pesky critters are bugging you, SoCo PestAway can rid your home or business of these nuisances. Our pest control experts will locate the areas where pests commonly gather and render the proper extermination solutions. We'll even take extra measures to prevent this problem from occurring again.
Our business in Pueblo West, CO, has been open since 2003. We make it our goal to improve the quality of life for every customer we serve by eliminating the pests that pose a public safety hazard. Our friendly and professional staff members know how to address every urgent situation in a prompt fashion.
If you need an exterminator to come to your location, SoCo PestAway will be ready to serve you. We guarantee our work, and we will go to great lengths to ensure your satisfaction. Please contact us today to request more detailed information on what we offer.
Ant infestaion - Pest control in Pueblo West, CO
Rat problem - Pest control in Pueblo West, CO
Group of Termites - Pest control in Pueblo West, CO
Cockroach on a slice of bread - Pest control in Pueblo West, CO
Group of Cockroach - Pest control in Pueblo West, CO